we are
bad hand.

A while back, we wanted to prove that good coffee could be done locally, sustainably, and with the right attitude to customer service. That's when we created Boscanova (although back then it was called Boogaloo).

Since that time, we’ve done everything we can to cut down on waste, reduce our carbon emissions, and source amazing coffee in the most ethical way we can — so you can enjoy Bad Hand guilt-free.

We’re talking bike delivery, omni-degradable packaging, vintage roasters, real human connection — you name it*.

* If there’s anything we could be doing better, more efficiently, more sustainably, ethically or renewably, just let us know.




Joel — Owner
Joel founded Bad Hand back in ‘07 as Boscanova. Since then, he’s built the business based on a great coffee and great customer service.


Jamie — Owner
Jamie’s in charge of the day-to-day stuff at Bad Hand, like accounts, and helps to keep us running as a business.


Hev — Head Roaster
Heather is Bad Hand’s Head of Coffee and is responsible for all things coffee-related, from sourcing to roasting to teaching.


Luke — The People Person
Luke’s passionate about coffee, but he’s also passionate about building new relationships and keeping our coffee drinkers happy.