we are
bad hand.

A while back, we wanted to prove that good coffee could be done locally, sustainably, and with the right attitude to customer service. That's when we created Boscanova (although back then it was called Boogaloo).

Since that time, we’ve done everything we can to cut down on waste, reduce our carbon emissions, and source amazing coffee in the most ethical way we can — so you can enjoy Bad Hand guilt-free.

A couple of things we do to keep a little greener*:

  • We focus on keeping things local

there are plenty of top notch coffee roasters out there nowadays, but we believe there’s more to selling coffee than just making delicious brown stuff and it’s always better to support local and independent businesses whenever you can.We have decades of experience running, drinking in and hanging out in cafes and will happily help out with getting you the best work flow, keeping your machines well maintained and all the other less glamorous bits that come with running cafes.

  • Reusable buckets for our cafe partners

We box our beans up in reusable buckets, then take them back when their next order is delivered, sanitise them and use them again - this saves thousands of bags from ending up in the landfill every month!

  • Compostable retail bags

Our retail bags are omni-degradable and will break down in any environment (including home compost, not just commercial compost) to just CO2, water and biomass.

  • Renewable energy

Our whole roastery and warehouse (which we share with some other cool local businesses) is powered by renewable energy.

  • Cargo bike delivery

We deliver as much as we can locally using our custom Bullit cargo bike (and we deliver ourselves, so can keep in contact with all our customers better).

  • Plastic free post

Our posted online orders are packaged without plastic in recyclable cardboard envelopes or reused boxes.

  • Ethical and sustainable green coffee

We source coffee from green importers who trade directly with farms and prioritise not just great flavour and quality beans, but sustainable relationships that pay a fair price (above the global C market price) and help farms and communities build their infrastructure and education opportunities.

  • Climate positive business

We are climate positive with the help of Offset Earth, a great organisiation who help support renewable and sustainable energy projects around the world.

  • SAS 250 Club

We are also proud supporters of Surfers Against Sewage and members of their SAS 250 Club which helps support their work protecting our coastlines.

  • Our vintage roaster

We roast on a refurbished vintage 1966 Probat - a fantastic beast of a roaster built to last.

  • Building ourselves with reclaimed materials

Our warehouse, where our roastery is located is an incredible stables building from the late 1800s, and we are preserving as much as we can (sadly a bit is beyond repair) and using as many reclaimed materials as possible.

  • plastic free milk

We are stoked to be able to use a local dairy Meggy Moos in Park Farm, Shronton, who not only look after their cows well, but also deliver in refillable buckets which we return to reuse!

  • byo containers for refills

We encourage people to use their own containers (our one of our great Klean Kanteen bean cannisters) to buy their beans or ground coffee for home, and offer a discount to sweeten the deal.

  • compostable cups

For any event where we can’t use ceramic cups to serve we use compostable cups from Decent Packaging.

* If there’s anything we could be doing better, more efficiently, more sustainably, ethically or renewably, just let us know.




Joel — Owner
Joel founded Bad Hand back in ‘07 as Boscanova. Since then, he’s built the business based on a great coffee and great customer service.


Jamie — Owner
Jamie’s in charge of the day-to-day stuff at Bad Hand, like building, accounts, and keeping us running as a business.


Hev — Head Roaster
Heather is Bad Hand’s Head of Coffee and is responsible for all things coffee-related, from sourcing to roasting to teaching.


Luke — The People Person
Luke’s passionate about coffee, but he’s also passionate about building new relationships and keeping our coffee drinkers happy.