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Planet saving coffee: Brew good and do good

Bad Hand Coffee's Planet-Saving Coffee

Every bag of coffee will donate £2 directly to a chosen charity or non profit, who are doing something to make the world a bit better.

Rather than a percentage of profits we have gone with a flat £2 which will go directly to our chosen charity or non profit (no middlemen, no passing GO).

What you get - a bag of delicious limited edition coffee (in a home compostable bag) and a warm fuzzy feeling, knowing you’ve done a good thing.

What we do - we will choose a different charity or non-profit every three months and release a limited edition roast. Every bag sold will donate £2 towards the charity and at the end of the three month period all the money from sales will be donated.

Our current charity is the Dorset Mind - everyone knows your can’t summon Captain Planet without the power of heart (or in this case mind). Our mental health is just as important as physical health, but is often not treated as well. Dorset Mind are an incredible resource who believe everyone experiencing a mental health problem should get support and respect!

The charity educates, challenges mental health stigma and inequality; and promotes recovery by empowering people to develop resilience. Their support groups, counselling and befriending service help people regain social skills. The charity also delivers educational awareness programmes for schools and workplaces.

This will help them:

  • run support groups, counselling and an accredited one-to-one befriending services that help people regain confidence and build resilience. 

  • provide mental health programmes for schools called Dorset Mind Your Head that support young people, parents and teachers.

  • Dorset Mind’s game-changing workplace training programme, Dorset Mind Works help employers support employees, shape culture and benefit profitability.


    Dorset Mind is a local affiliate of national Mind, established in 1946. The charity is independent and responsible for their own funding so when you donate to them your money goes directly to benefit people who live in Dorset. Find out more at

Our first coffee for this is a very exciting El Salvador Los Naranjos we have roasted with two different recipe profiles to give you two choices - Profile A with boozy rum and raisin notes and a cocoa finish, and Profile B with mellow chocolatey notes, a creamy body and white grape acidity. You can buy these individually or as a pair to compare and contrast (two bags means £2 per bag, so £4 total).
Click on the bold profiles above to grab yourselves a bag, or go to our shop here.

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