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How to reduce plastic this summer

How to reduce plastic this summer

From free wooden bellyboard hire to local beach cleans and the world's first plastic-free trainers, here are 5 ways you can make a difference

At Bad Hand, we're dedicated to protecting the earth's oceans and the creatures in it. It's one of the reasons why we've decided to focus on only supporting marine-based conservation charities, such as Shark Stuff, for our Planet-Saving Coffee initiative. 

We're always looking for ways we can do more to help the planet. From free wooden bellyboard hire to beach cleans and the world's first plastic-free trainers, here are 5 ways you can reduce plastic this summer too.

1: Avoid the cheap plastic/polystyrene bodyboards 

Surf Wood For Good is an awesome initiative by Dick Pearce & Friends, offering free wooden bellyboard hire at beachside locations around the coast. 

2: Take part in a beach clean

Local surf shop Sorted regularly organise local beach cleans and are constantly campaigning for cleaner seas. Give them a shout to get involved.

3: Report a ghost net

As anyone who has watched Seaspiracy will know, abandoned, lost or discarded fishing nets – also known as 'ghost nets' – are a massive cause of plastic pollution in the sea. They can be lethal to marine life and scuba divers. 

Ghost Fishing UK is a registered charity and its team of volunteer scuba divers are dedicated to safely removing ghost nets. If you spot one when you're on the beach or in the sea, you can report it. 

4: Check these trainers out

Waes are the world's first zero-plastic trainers. Winning Design Innovation at the recent Plastic-Free Awards, these kicks are ethically sourced and vegan too.

5: Buy Bad Hand Coffee

Whether you're stocking up on our Planet-Saving Coffee (£2 from every bag goes to a marine conservation charity), picking up a fully compostable coffee bag at one of our awesome stockists or refilling your own containers (at shops like Almond & Co, East Street Deli, Gullivers Farm Shop or Ten Foot Naked), it all makes a massive difference.


Lead image: Dick Pearce & Friends


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