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NYC - Anthora Cups

NYC - Anthora Cups

OUR ‘ANTHORA COFFEE CUP’ A homage to one of the greats…

Behold, the bodega coffee cup, the staple of fast coffee all over New York. Its formally known as the Anthora coffee cup and has become part of the fabric of coffee, and NYC street culture thanks to its iconic design, since the 60s. The Anthora coffee cup has been immortalised in the Museum of Modern Art, as well as being featured in most films set in the city. 

Before Starbucks came along and became the to be seen withcoffee cup, these little guys were the one. In 1994, there were 400 million sold. A year later, when Starbucks entered the city, that number dropped by half. Today, its more of a rarity, though still holds strong in the bodegas and street carts. 

So the Bad Hand Anthora is a homage to the great takeout cup of our time. A nod, a bow, a high-five to what is essentially the ultimate workhorse, the everyday hero that has stood the test of time (and deserves some respect). As well as on screen in things like Mad Men, Men In Black and a whole stream of blockbuster films, you can also find this thing, our version, in some of the coffee shops serving Bad Hand. 

So here it is, an ode to the Anthora coffee cup, our love letter to one of coffee cultures greatest icons. The Bad Hand Anthora cup. As it says on the cup, were happy to serve you.

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