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Hello, Peru!

Hello, Peru!

The latest Bad Hand Planet-Saving Coffee

Say hello to Pedro Garcia Diaz!

We haven’t had a coffee from Peru in a while, and this ethically sourced one from Pedro Garcia Diaz really shows us what we’ve been missing.

Pedro Garcia Diaz owns 2 hectares of land in the San Francisco village in the district of San Jose del Alto and produces about 30 exportable bags a year.

The beans are picked selectively before being fermented for 36 hours, washed and then placed on tarpaulin mats where it dries for two weeks. 

Bad Hand Peru coffee

What to expect flavour-wise

This coffee has some great examples of the complex and aromatic notes you can get from Peruvian coffees. We get toasted almond and nutmeg, with a clean and balanced acidity.

It works well as a filter and you could have a lot of fun experimenting with different brew recipes to highlight different aspects of the flavour profile.

Planet-Saving Coffee

The Pedro Garcia Diaz is our current Planet-Saving Coffee, with £2 of every bag sold donated to Grounded Community.

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