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Offers a sanctuary for coffee enthusiasts


687 Christchurch Road
Boscombe, BH7 6AA

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Welcome to the epitome of local delights and services, where Crema Coffee takes center stage, crafting specialty coffee that warms both hearts and souls, accompanied by fine focaccia sandwiches sourced from the finest local independent businesses. As you venture deeper into the realm of rejuvenation, Collective embraces you with a harmonious symphony of up to 21 diverse hair, beauty, and wellness establishments under one welcoming roof. Here, an array of indulgent services awaits, from soothing massages to flawless manicures, enchanting eyelash enhancements, revitalising aesthetics, therapeutic escapes, and exquisite hairdressing. Step into this haven of community-driven entrepreneurship, and let your senses dance with joy as you bask in the authentic experiences and support the vibrant spirit of local commerce.

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