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Rwanda Rwamatamu

Dried Fruits, Black Tea, Juicy

Single Origin

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Rwamatamu is a coffee farm and washing station in western Rwanda. It’s where this super tasty coffee is sun dried before being washed, packed and shipped over to us here in the UK. It’s a Red Bourbon Arabica that has a crazy clean, crisp finish. Jason has roasted this one to bring out all the dried fruits, black tea and juicy flavour that’s hidden within.

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Farm info

Rwanda: Western Nyamshake Kivu

Washed: Red Bourbon

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New single is up and ready for you
This one comes from a super cool little family business in Western Rwanda called Rwamatamu. It’s been going since 2015 and works to create work opportunities for the local community. The coffee is a Red Bourbon varietal that’s sun dried before undergoing a washed processing. The result is a coffee that’s smooth like Swayze, buff like Hemsworth.

A waterfall of flavour
It’s got Peter Andre Mysterious Girl vibes this one. You know, that little oasis and waterfall from the music video. It’s like that, but less six-pack, more fruit. Actually, forget that. If there was a coffee that was going to have a six-pack, this is it. 

What it ACTUALLY tastes like
Enough metaphorical fun, this coffee has a really lovely medium body and a clean, crisp flavour profile. We get a juicy blackberry quality in this Rwandan coffee, and that kind of luxurious intensity you only get from top quality dark chocolate. There’s a subtle citrussy twang in there too and collectively, they all dance together to bring you this cup of coffee that just slips down peeeerfectly this time of year. It’s that coffee that lets you know summer is coming, that it’s ok to open the window, sit on the deck and while away a lazy weekend morning.

What are you waiting for?
This is it, the one we’ve been waiting for. Go get it into your kitchen quick-smart. Place your order today and we’ll get it in the next available post run.  GO!

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Killer coffee clear conscience.

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