Nicaragua San Sebastian de Yali

Nicaragua San Sebastian de Yali

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With a variety of stone fruit flavours (think apricots and lychees) and undertones of black tea, this one's an interesting but easy drinking, juicy cup of coffee.

Country: Nicaragua
Region: San Sebastian de Yeli
Farm: Finca La Union
Process: Washed
Varietal: Catuai, Caturra

Altitude: 1000 - 1200 masl


Don Lorenzo is a committed coffee grower from Jinotega in Nicaragua. He has always worked with coffee while having quality as his objective. He works alongside his son Eliar Chavarria, who also loves coffee like his father. Lorenzo says, "I am the kind of person that no matter the experiment or the challenge, I am always up to the task." He recalls that 40 years ago, he began growing coffee for a living, and about five years ago he started selling his coffee as specialty coffee, a decision that arose from looking for new opportunities, better prices, and ways to keep working with coffee considering the high production costs and historically low local market prices.

La Unión is a farm created by joining several plots and buying more neighboring bits of
land. Thus, the name represents this union and their work as a family. They are all involved in coffee. For example, Lorenzo's daughters oversee the administrative process, his son oversees agronomic management, and he supervises all activities and coffee commercialization. However, not everything is coffee for him. He also grows vegetables, citrus fruits, Musaceae, corn and beans. During this harvest, he decided to innovate and process honey coffees to diversify his offering and learn more processing techniques. In the future, he plans to introduce new or exotic varieties and to continue producing higher quality and volumes.

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