Mexico Soconusco
Mexico Soconusco
Mexico Soconusco

Mexico Soconusco

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Pretty perfect for British Summertime; this coffee gave us notes of strawberries and cream.

Extra tasty with milk.

Even better with a scone (yes, this has been tried and tested).

Region: Soconusco
Process: Natural
Farm: Agroforestal Chanjul Estate
Varietal: Marsellesa, Hybrids, Starmaya
Altitude: 1,200 – 1,700 masl

On the most Southern tip of Mexico, bordering Guatemala, in the remote region of Soconusco sits Teddy Esteve’s 212-hectare estate, Chanjul. First founded in 1925, today the Motozintla estate is characterised by its commitment to sustainability; for both the environment and the wellbeing of his workers.

For the environment, 42 hectares of the remaining 62 hectares not used for
producing coffee are set aside for conservation, encouraging natural fauna and wildlife in the region. Teddy is currently in the process of undertaking his largest project yet;
converting Chanjul Estate into a carbon-neutral farm. This project could not have come sooner, as more irregular weather patterns such as untimely rains and droughts have brought with them pests and diseases. In 2013, Teddy’s second farm in the region San Antonio was hard hit by coffee leaf rust, meaning the farm had to be completely renovated. Seven years on and with the help of Teddy’s team of experts, San Antonio is once again producing some great coffees.

For the team at Chanjul Estate, of which he employees 50 during the low season and 150 in the high season, Chanjul's work with a foundation has meant that all staff now has access to learning materials. This has helped to improve the literacy rate of the migrating pickers, who often travel north from Guatemala for work. Workers also receive wages above Mexico’s established minimum wage, with a bonus structure set to reward productivity.

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