Retail Coffee Bags

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Shaka                          £5.38  ea. RRP £8.5
Kahuna                        £5.38 ea. RRP £8.5
Half Caf                       £5.38 ea. RRP £8.5
Morning Glory             £5.38 ea. RRP £8.5
Decaf                           £5.38 ea. RRP £8.5
Brazil Cerrado              £5.38 ea. RRP £9
Mexico Soconusco       £6.50 RRP £11
Rwanda Kamonyi         £8.00 RRP £14

Empty (to fill)            £0.60 ea.


*is our current planet saving coffee. £2 of every bag goes towards our current PSC charity (see our blog for more info).

Please ensure orders are in on a Monday for a Thursday delivery - any orders placed after this time may be delayed.

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