Keeping it local.

You're here because you want to sell coffee. That's why we're here too, actually. Only difference being we sell to people like you, and you sell to people who go to cafés and bars and things. We believe that our coffee is excellent. We also believe that the people who manage the sale of

our coffee are excellent. In fact, aside from the expert training you'll get, the discounted rates, and the expressions on your drinkers' faces (the ones that say, 'Damn, that's good.'), it's our people that make us one of the best coffee distributors around.


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Here’s some of the benefits of buying your wholesale coffee from bad hand:

  • You can source your coffee guilt-free. We do all the ethical, renewable, sustainable stuff for you. We also take away and re-use our coffee tubs.

  • We deliver personally by bike (where possible). And you don’t get a delivery guy, you get a coffee expert, who knows the coffee they’re bringing you inside-out.

  • We’ll teach you how to make an amazing coffee, using whatever equipment you’ve got. We’ll even taste your coffee with you to help you improve.

  • There’s proper training if you need it.

  • We have years of cafe experience as well as roasting experience, so understand the day to days of running cafes.

  • We’ll do everything we can to fix busted machines if they break on you for any reason.

  • We roast our beans in small batches in a vintage Probat roaster.

  • We can help you source great machinery to help you make the most of your tasty beans.


Want in?

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P.S. We only deliver to Bournemouth and the surrounding areas right now. Soz.