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About Bad Hand Coffee

About Bad Hand Coffee

Find out more about our coffee, roastery, ethics and crew.

After decades spent on the front lines of coffee service, slinging espressos and hustlin’ flat whites, we started Bad Hand with a commitment to roasting the best quality coffee while making as little impact to the planet as possible.

It’s not always easy, and we are continually looking into ways to do even better. We test everything ourselves, from the flavour and quality of coffee before it heads out the door, to whether or not our compostable packaging breaks down in home environments - it does.

For us, it’s not merely a ‘green’ box ticking exercise. Our environmental approach is the baseline to everything we do. Our coffee is always ethically grown, harvested and sourced. We roast at our warehouse in Bournemouth where our energy comes from the most renewable energy sources we can get our hands on and a top up from our solar panels. Wholesale orders are delivered by electric vehicle (it’s no longer possible to do it all with our cargo bike!) in 4kg tubs that we collect, wash and reuse.

Your support means we can continue to operate in an environmentally responsible way, while never compromising on quality - killer coffee, clear conscience.


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