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Tasting Room at the Roastery

Tasting Room at the Roastery

The Tasting Room at the Roastery for coffee, brew gear and more


7 Norwich Road




Always Available


Tuesday to Friday:  8am-3pm
Saturday: 9am-4pm
Sunday/Monday: Closed

Our space where you can hang out, drink coffee, buy beans (or ground coffee if you need) and demo brew equipment before you buy. 

The Tasting Room is also now the local pickup point for online orders.

We opened our first cafe in 2007. We were hell bent on making coffee at a super high standard – for our own enjoyment, just as much as our customers. In 2012, when we opened our second cafe, we doubled down and got a roaster, bringing together our own blends and singles and slowly started to supply other coffee shops in the area. Then, in 2018, we pooled everything, sold the cafes and moved into the warehouse up in the Triangle where we said goodbye to front line coffee service, and dug deeper into the gruelling, but crazy exciting realm of coffee roasting.

In 2024, we finally kicked open the doors to our Tasting Room. Opening a window into coffee service once again. Come hang.

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