Clever Dripper

Bad Hand Coffee Clever Dripper

How to make coffee with a Clever Dripper. This recipe makes one big mug of brew (or brew into a jug to share two smaller cups with a mate).

You will need:

Some kick-ass coffee (our current fave is Half Caf for an all day session) + water + Clever Dripper + filter paper (we stock spares) + spoon + scales (optional, but handy).


  1. Wet your filter (preferably with hot water to preheat at the same time) and place it in your Clever Dripper.

  2. Place the Clever Dripper onto a mug to drain the water, then discard the water.

  3. Place 3 heaped tablespoons (25g) of coarsely ground coffee in your Clever Dripper.

  4. Pour water just off the boil onto the grounds until the Clever Dripper is full to about an inch from the top (300ml).

  5. Gently stir to make sure all the grounds are wet, place the lid on and wait 4 minutes.

  6. Place the Clever Dripper onto your mug and allow the coffee to drain. Give it a gentle stir as it drains to help move the grounds so they don’t settle and stagnate.

  7. Enjoy!

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