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Kalita Wave 185 Filter Papers

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Pack of 50 filter papers for the Kalita Wave 185. Their unique ridged design promotes consistent extraction, ensuring a balanced and flavourful brew. These papers are essential for optimal brewing in the Kalita Wave 185 dripper, giving you an even saturation and excellent flow rate. They contribute to a clean cup profile by trapping sediments and oils, resulting in a smooth and enjoyable brew.

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The Kalita Wave 185 filter papers are an essential component of the brewing process, contributing significantly to the quality and characteristics of the final cup of coffee. Here are some benefits of using Kalita Wave 185 filter papers:

Consistent Extraction
The filter papers are specifically designed to work with the Kalita Wave brewer, ensuring consistent extraction of coffee grounds. Their thickness and shape help regulate the flow of water through the grounds which gives an even extraction, enhancing the flavour profile of the coffee.

Purity of Flavour
The filter papers effectively trap fine particles and oils present in the coffee grounds, resulting in a cleaner and smoother cup of coffee. This purity of flavour allows the natural characteristics of the coffee beans to shine through without any undesirable bitterness or sediment.

Easy to Use
Kalita Wave 185 filter papers come pre-folded and ready to use, making the brewing process convenient and hassle-free. Simply place the filter paper in the brewer, add coffee grounds, and pour hot water to start the brewing process.

Minimal Residue
The filter papers are designed to minimise residue or papery taste often associated with paper filters.

Durable and Reliable
Kalita Wave 185 filter papers are made from high-quality materials that are durable and tear-resistant. They can withstand the brewing process without tearing or compromising the integrity of the filter, ensuring a smooth extraction every time.

Size Compatibility
The size of the Kalita Wave 185 filter papers is specifically tailored to fit the Kalita Wave 185 brewer, eliminating the need for trimming or adjusting the filter size.

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