Cargo is a blend of three coffees. A Brazil, a Guatemala, and an El Salvador. The Brazilian brings the cocoa base notes, the Guatemala brings the sweetness, and the El Salvador some acidity to brighten it all up. 

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This one’s a firecracker and it’s sure to move fast. Get the skinny on our newest single from Rwanda… Rwanda is one of our favourite coffee regions. They grow a lot of Bourbon varietal here and whether it’s the quality of the mineral rich red Rwandan soil, or the skills of the local farmers, coffee from this part of the world is easy to get excited about. So when this washed Red Bourbon varietal from the Gishyita cooperative in western Rwanda came through we all paid attention and took notice. It’s the kind of coffee we wait around for, geek out on, and can’t wait to try it through every single one of our brew methods. From Aeropress to V60...

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BEHIND THE BLEND: SHAKA At Bad Hand we roast blends with purpose. There’s a reason Shaka tastes the way it does, why it’s our signature blend, and why it’s our most popular coffee Creating a blend ain’t easy, and if you want to make something of substance, there’s a lot more to it than simply slinging a few different coffees together.  We know this, painfully so. You might already be aware, but our roots run deep into the cafe scene. We ran them for years and worked with all the big name roasters in speciality coffee - and plenty of small ones too. Now, the people serving your coffee can sometimes have very niche preferences when it comes to coffee....

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Our newest single origin coffee reminds you just how interesting coffee can be… Honestly, this is one of the booziest coffees we’ve had in a long time. It’s a proper lip-smacker. Satisfying in all the right ways. It’s the kind of coffee that reminds you just how incredibly diverse the flavours in a mug of the black stuff can be.  This isn’t your usual single While a lot of single origin coffees can come through a little tea-like and delicate, this one from Peru has the heft and might of a small army. Seriously, the layers of flavour wrapped up in this coffee are insane.  There’s a big boozy bass line, backed with blueberry and stone fruit flavours that deliver...

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