There’s some exciting, and strange coffee flavours listed on coffee bags these days, and not all of them make immediate sense. Here we dig into the chocolatey, fruity and zesty world of coffee tasting notes… Coffee tastes like, er, coffee right? Well yes, and no.  Of course, there’s a pretty distinct flavour to coffee, but if it all tasted the same, we wouldn’t be in business, and us roastery misfits would have to find somewhere else to call home. Within that distinct coffee flavour we all know and love there’s a whole realm of nuances. We’ve all been stung with a cup or two in our time of a coffee that tasted bitter and brash and like a smokey old...

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There’s a time and a place for both, but knowing what to expect allows you to better prepare your cup - and get the most from your coffee…

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Our newest single origin release is from an unsung region, it’s flippin’ tasty, but that’s not the only awesome thing about this coffee… It’s not a particularly recognised coffee growing region. I mean, to be honest there’s a lot of us who aren’t even sure where Timor-Leste is, let alone that they grow coffee there. Timor-Leste is a country that borders Indonesia and sits just north of the Australian continent. It’s a country that’s had a difficult time over the years. While a lot of coffee is grown there, most of it is low grade commodity coffee - the kind you find in well known instant coffees that might rhyme with Mes-waffay.  But there IS some much higher quality coffees...

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