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This classic blend of Brazils is a modern take on an old school Italian espresso. Heavy but not dark with low acidity, big chocolate, big nuts.

Designed for espresso, stonkin’ as a cappuccino, and works great as a filter too.

Our 250g bags are 100% plastic-free and can be recycled with your household paper or composted in your garden.

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Bad Hand Roastery, 7 Norwich Road, Bournemouth, BH2 5QZ

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Tue-Fri: 8am - 3pm
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Sun/Mon: Closed

Farm info

Country: Brazil

Regions: Minas Gerais

Process: Pulped Natural, Natural

Farms: Fazenda Boa, Fazenda Parisio

Brew guide

Click here for our brew guides, or use our recipe below as a starting point.

Weight in - 19g
Weight out - 35-40g
Extraction time - 25-30 seconds

More info

We created this blend to deliver a classic coffee with a big chocolate and nut flavour profile. Kahuna is our take on a classic Italian espresso, but we’ve given it a modern twist. We’ve used really amazing coffee, and we’ve roasted it more sympathetically than an old school Italian style roast.

We took the roast darker, but we’ve slowly coaxed out more sweetness that balances out the dark chocolate and toasted nut tones. It’s a big, ballsy coffee that lets you know it’s in your cup, great for milky drinks, and a solid, punchy little espresso, or rich and luxurious as a filter. Velvety vibes on this one.

Kahuna is made using two different coffees from Brazil. The flavour profile we want for Kahuna - those big chocolate and nut flavours, a little dried raisiny fruit - is typical of Brazilian coffee, but we sometimes change up the exact coffees in this roast in order to maintain consistency in our blend. As with any natural product, the crop can fluctuate and change with each harvest, and processing methods can sometimes change the overall flavour a little too, so we are constantly tweaking the exact blend on this coffee so you get the same delicious cup every single time.

Anyone who digs bolder, louder coffee, is going to want this one kickstarting their mornings. It’s a banger in home espresso machines and all filter methods. You can find this one being served in heaps of the coffee shops we supply (it’s hot on the heels of Shaka to being our most popular coffee)

When will I get my coffee

We hand roast coffee daily and post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so you’ll always get fresh coffee within 48hrs of us processing your order.

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About our bags

Our postal bags are 100% paper. That means you can throw them in your home compost or food bin.
Killer coffee clear conscience.

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