Cargo Blend Subscription
Cargo Blend Subscription

Cargo Blend Subscription

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Cargo - created for Velo Domestique.

We go way back with Velo Domestique and they’ve always known how to serve up a banging brew. Remember Whipskid? That was a coffee we developed for them a few years back when they were dedicated to serving only filter, pour over and Aeropress. Since then, Dan and the crew have amplified their coffee game and then some, and now knock out some of the best espresso based drinks in Southbourne. 

Moving on from Whipskid, we helped Dan to develop a new house blend, Cargo. It had to be killer as a filter, but equally as badass when run through as espresso, standing up to all your various milks too. Together, we created something pretty damn special, and you should definitely go check it out!

Origin: Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador
Region: Cerrado, Antigua/Concepcion, Ahuacapan/Puerto Arturo
Process: Natural / Washed
Varietal: Various

When will I get my coffee?

We roast coffee fresh on a weekly basis, and post on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Collect in Person

Use the local pickup option at the checkout for free shipping then pop in and see us anytime between 9-5 Monday to Friday.

Eco AF

Our coffee bags are 100% compostable in gardens and food waste!

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