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Half-Caf Blend



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Because sometimes you want to drink excessive amounts of coffee without all the sleepless, jittery consequences.

Our 250g bags are 100% plastic-free and can be recycled with your household paper or composted in your garden.

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Bad Hand Roastery, 7 Norwich Road, Bournemouth, BH2 5QZ

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Tue-Fri: 8am - 3pm
Sat: 9am - 4pm
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Farm info

Countries: Colombia, Peru

Region: Cundinamarca, Siltepec, Chiapas

Process: Washed, Mountain Water Process

Brew guide

Click here for our brew guides, or use our recipe below as a starting point.

Espresso Recipe
Weight in - 19g
Weight out - 35-40g
Extraction time - 25-30 seconds

More info

We know only too well how it feels to drink one cup too many. That extra cup that tips you into the tweaky, twitchy zone of no return. Which is why we took the time to work on this half-caf blend. The clue is in the name. 50% of this blend is made up from our decaf, along with speciality arabica coffees that bring a chocolatey, big flavoured foundation. You still get the clout of a fruity, rich coffee, but with its lighter punch of caffeine, you get to sip away and enjoy cup after cup long into the day.

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We hand roast coffee daily and post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so you’ll always get fresh coffee within 48hrs of us processing your order.

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About our bags

Our postal bags are 100% paper. That means you can throw them in your home compost or food bin.
Killer coffee clear conscience.

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