Two fifty gramme postal bag of Shaka, our house espresso filter blend - taste notes: chocolate, orange and molasses. Roasted fresh to order from Bad Hand Coffee. Available as whole bean or ground to your brew method. These bags are 100% paper and home compostable.
One kilo bag of Shaka espresso filter blend. Hand roasted in Bournemouth from Bad Hand Coffee.


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Our signature espresso blend (the result of decades of drinking espresso).
It's super versatile and works great as an espresso or as a stonking filter for all methods. Big chocolatey vibes balanced out with an orangey acidity, and when brewed as an espresso, a sticky molasses mouthfeel.

Countries: Colombia, Peru
Regions: Cundinamarca, 
Process: Washed
Farms: Viani, Alto Mayo

Suggested espresso recipe:

Weight in - 19g

Weight out - 35-40g
Extraction time - 30-34 seconds

When will I get my coffee?

We roast coffee fresh Monday to Friday, and post on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Collect in Person

Use the local pickup option at the checkout for free shipping then pop in and see us anytime between 9-5 Monday to Friday.

Eco AF

Our 250g postal coffee bags are 100% home compostable in gardens and food waste!

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