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The newest coffee we have coming out the roastery is an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. It’s kinda special…

We’ve timed this one perfectly. I mean, there’s never been a coffee better suited to this time of year. This single origin coffee is everything you want as we roll into spring. A natural processed Ethiopian - a Yirgacheffe no less. This is a thoughtful coffee. Not just in how it’s been cared for, roasted, packaged and shipped, but with its layered, bright flavours, it forces you to pay attention and explore what’s going on in the cup. You wanna while away ten minutes in the middle of your day, this is how to do it right. A sunny morning on the deck, this Yirgacheffe is the one!

So what is a Yirgacheffe anyway?

You’ve probably heard the name Yirgacheffe mentioned before. You might even be wondering why you should pay attention to the word, why coffee heads geek out about it when they see it scrawled on a coffee shop blackboard. Yirgacheffe is a region in Ethiopia that’s super famous (and highly regarded) for it’s bright, citrusy, floral coffees. There’s usually a note of delicacy in these coffees, and they are most often roasted, brewed and served as a single origin - it’s just too deliciously complex to put into a blend - it’d get lost.

What makes our new Ethiopian Yirgacheffe so special

This is a natural processed Yirgacheffe. This means that after being picked, the coffee cherry was left spread out in the sun to dry. This causes some slight fermentation, bringing really exciting flavours into the mix, as well as concentrating those that are already there. The fruit is then stripped from the bean,

So… What does it taste like?

Jason has also done a flippin’ awesome job on the roasting profile of this one too. Yirgacheffe coffees can sometimes be tricky, and it’s hard to know how much is too much, and what’s not enough. The temperature curve needs to be navigated crazy precise, and Jason has been extra meticulous on this one. He’s coaxed out juicy stone fruit flavours that are really kinda succulent. It’s every bit as satisfying as biting into a ripe peach. It’s layered with a zestiness too, real bright and fresh, with delicate floral flavours that linger. Since spring has kicked in, we’ve been sipping on this bad boy most mornings sat on the roastery roof watching the sun rise over Bournemouth. 

How we’re brewing it:

Look, this is the kind of coffee that’s going to taste ridiculous no matter how you brew it. You’re going to get an impressive cup whether you use anything from a French press, to a Chemex. This coffee probably isn’t one for your espresso machine though, but Luke is LOVING it put through an Aeropress with a reusable metal filter. “The metal filter gives you a bit more body than the paper filters,” explains Luke as we collar him before a delivery run. “They’re also amazing for camping, or travelling, as you never need to worry about getting your filter papers wet. You know, if your water bottle leaks, or you drop them.”



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