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A single origin coffee from Bad Hand Coffee Roastery in Bournemouth


Our newest single origin coffee reminds you just how interesting coffee can be…

A single origin coffee from Bad Hand Coffee Roastery in Bournemouth

Honestly, this is one of the booziest coffees we’ve had in a long time. It’s a proper lip-smacker. Satisfying in all the right ways. It’s the kind of coffee that reminds you just how incredibly diverse the flavours in a mug of the black stuff can be. 

This isn’t your usual single

While a lot of single origin coffees can come through a little tea-like and delicate, this one from Peru has the heft and might of a small army. Seriously, the layers of flavour wrapped up in this coffee are insane. 

There’s a big boozy bass line, backed with blueberry and stone fruit flavours that deliver an amazing sticky sweetness. It’s a bold coffee with big body, balanced out with a bright, lime-like acidity that cuts through everything in a harmonious way. It’s the kind of coffee that hits all the marks, and hits them well. 

This coffee isn’t what the farmer usually produces

Segundo Estela Vasquez is the owner of two hectares of land in the San Francisco village of Huabal district, Peru. This is a coffee growing area in Peru, which knocks out some good coffee, but has the potential to serve up incredible coffee under the right conditions. 

Segundo usually produces washed coffee, but with the prospect of getting a better quality cup, plus a higher price, he recently turned his attention to natural processing – and we’re glad he did!

But it’s not always so clean cut. In a lot of coffee growing regions, the premium paid for higher quality coffee rarely makes its way back to the people who produce it. This obviously removes much of an incentive to produce better coffee. Why would you when all that extra effort can often result in the same price?

That’s why we work only with select coffee importers we can trust. We spend a lot of time digging deep into the importers we use to make sure they are sourcing ethically, ensuring the people who grow the coffee get paid the premium they deserve.

Get the best from this coffee at home

Sometimes certain coffees taste best run through a specific type of kit. Maybe it’s an Aeropress, perhaps it’s a Clever Dripper. Each one pulls out different nuances in the final cup. But not this guy. This coffee comes through amazingly every which way you brew it. It’s a big, stoic, ballsy single origin that stands out as one of the most exciting and interesting coffees we’ve had this year.




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