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Interview: Yaz Baxter Creative

Interview: Yaz Baxter Creative

We've just started stocking Yaz Baxter's dreamy, colourful cards in our gift shop. Here she shares a little more about her studio, process and tips for when you’re feeling uninspired…
Yaz Baxter Creative

Yaz Baxter is a full-time artist who makes dreamy, colourful art prints. Her work combines her love of the sea, her surroundings and travel adventures.

We’re big fans of surfing, diving and cold water swimming at Bad Hand, so her work really resonated with us.

Yaz shares a little more about her studio, process and tips for when you’re feeling uninspired…

Yaz Baxter Creative

Illustration enables me to completely zone out

"When I start a piece I very rarely have a set idea in mind, more of a general theme or colour I would like to explore. Illustration allows my imagination to run wild with no set intention, just going with whatever movement feels fluid and satisfying to create."

Yaz Baxter Creative - Bad Hand Coffee

One of my favourite pieces of work is Manta Blue

"I’m obsessed with Manta Rays and would love to swim with them one day. I found this illustration incredibly calming to create and I really felt my style develop throughout the process of this piece.

Not many of my prints have a double meaning, but Wild Swimmer holds a little magic for me. That’s the beauty of art, it’s all open to interpretation. I will definitely be keeping one of these prints in my own studio to remind me of the adventures that are still to come."

My studio is tucked away at the bottom of the garden

"I love it there, it has great natural light. Although I’m trying to keep it minimal, I also can’t wait to get all my crafty buys and my own favourite pieces on the walls. I just need a few more plants and I’ll be all set."

I like to listen to music while I work

"I have a varied taste, but Tash Sultana is a great artist to get me in the zone for drawing, along with Kawala, Nick Mulvey and, of course, Fleetwood Mac."

Is it a sin to confess that coffee makes me jittery?

"But I do need to get slurping if I’m going to make it through those early morning winter markets heading my way and I feel like Shaka will be the one to save the day!"

Yaz Baxter Creative


Feeling uninspired? Get in the sea!

"Some mornings I’m in for an early morning dip to start my day right! The best way to get out of a slump for me is to get outside. Or, if a needed, a little midday jig to some of my favourite tunes (luckily the studio is just out of sight for anyone to witness my moves… haha!)."


@YazBaxterCreative / Yaz's website

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