Rwanda Flood Appeal

In May 2020, devastating rains, flooding and heavy mudslides hit the Nyabihu District in northern Rwanda. Nyabihu is home to the families that produce the popular Shyira and Vunga coffees, the Vunga making up Whipskid and Morning Glory. 

Sadly 28 members of these communities lost their lives in the flood. Other losses include at least 325 homes, livestock, coffee trees and other crops. The devastation extended to vital community and utility infrastructure too, including 36 classrooms, 12 churches, a healthcare centre, the Vunga market, as well as electrical and water supplies. 

For some of you, this message will speak very close to home, having either visited these communities in person, purchased their coffees for your roasteries, or worked with them in your cafes. 

A fundraiser has been set up to provide support for the families and community. We are painfully aware this is a difficult time for many of you reading this, but if there is an amount you could give that wouldn't cause you significant stress, it would be massively appreciated. 100% of the donations will go to help the communities in Shyira and Vunga. 

You can donate via the official GoFund me here. 

Update: Phase 1 complete!

Massive thanks to everyone who donated to the Rwanda Urgent Flood Appeal. The money from phase 1 has helped provide emergency food, clothing and care packages to everyone who lost their homes. Funding is now being collected for Phase 2, helping to rebuild houses, replant coffee trees and other crops. If you're able to, you can donate to Phase 2.


  [From left to right] Ayingeneye Marceline, Usaniwabo Christine, Usabimana Evariste, Kamariza Jacqueline, Nakure Josiane and Nyirasugira Beatrice drying coffee at Shyira washing station in May 2017.

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