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Rwanda Flood Appeal

Communities in Shyira and Vunga have lost loved ones, and their livelihoods. Physical losses include at least 325 homes (including 38 homes of families that deliver coffee to Vunga or Shyira ), livestock, coffee trees and other crops. Vital community and utility infrastructure have also been destroyed including 36 classrooms, 12 churches, a healthcare centre, the Vunga market, and electrical and water supplies.

For some of you, this message will speak very close to home, having either visited these communities in person, purchased their coffees for your roasteries, or worked with them in your cafes. 

For the more than 200 families that deliver coffee to Shyira and Vunga the direct cost to replace lost crops and buildings has reached USD $132,000. An estimated USD $41,000 is required immediately to help deliver food, water, and clothing to those who have lost their homes.

Research is ongoing and the cost estimate continues to climb. In addition, land may no longer be suitable for planting - farmers have lost not only their crops and income for the coming season but the assets that they could use to earn future income. This is on top of the impacts of COVID-19 that were already reducing the income of farmers this season.

The destroyed crops and livestock were truly essential to daily life. In Nyabihu, farming families rely on coffee for 65% of their income, with average household incomes being less than USD $700 per annum. While the government is working to the best of its capability to respond in the current economic environment, additional support for farmers is critically needed. 


In order to meet the needs of families and the community, we will provide support across three stages 1) meeting the immediate needs of the community and debris removal 2) supporting recovery through rebuilding and replanting and finally 3) building resistance and resilience to future climatic events.


Investments will be prioritised based on the level of funding we can achieve, and community-identified needs. We will provide transparent reporting on how funding has been distributed to the community. Please give what you can, and please share this message directly with people you know who could help.


These farms have grown the amazing Rwandan coffees used in our Morning Glory and Whipskid blends as well as our current single origin Rwanda - please help in any way you can!
You donate via us by clicking the DONATE button below, or directly through the Go Fund Me set up:
of the donations will go to help the communities in Shyira and Vunga.
You can also add a donation at the checkout if you are buying anything off our website.


  From left to right, Ayingeneye Marceline, Usaniwabo Christine, Usabimana Evariste, Kamariza Jacqueline, Nakure Josiane and Nyirasugira Beatrice drying coffee at Shyira washing station in May 2017.

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