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sweet valley single origin coffee

Hi, Sweet Valley!

Find out how the new Bad Hand Sweet Valley gets its mega fruity strawberry cheesecake flavours

Introducing Bad Hand Sweet Valley, our latest naturally processed Colombia!

Okay, so not only are we looking forward to all the Sweet Valley High references we can make, but this beauty really reflects how the natural process can highlight some incredible flavours in coffee.

What do you mean by 'natural process'?

Process is referring to how the fruit is removed from the coffee seed. It's normally dependent on a country's resource. So, for example, countries with low annual rainfall prefer a dry method, which is considered 'natural' or a more traditional method.
Countries with more water (including Colombia) tend to favour washed processing – it's more water intensive and can bring out 'cleaner' more delicate notes in coffees. 
Back to the Valley
Sweet Valley is produced by  Café Granja La Esperanza exclusively for DRWakefield, as a natural Colombia. It's landing at a time when fresh crop fruity coffees are harder to come by. 
The cherry is fermented for 15 hours at a controlled temperature before being moved to a dehumidifier for another 72 hours or so until fully dried. It is then dehulled and bagged for export.
The fermentation brings out some mega funky flavours (we get big notes of strawberry cheesecake and a wild, sweet complexity). This is definitely not your run of the mill coffee.
We recommend this for filter methods, but we're also really excited to try it as a cold brew and maybe with some cocktails!
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