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Our second single origin coffee from one of the most overlooked coffee regions in the world…

Our second single origin coffee from one of the most overlooked coffee regions in the world…

We’ve spoken about Timor-Leste on here before, about the amazing couple who work in country part of the year, boots on the ground, to ensure a clear and transparent pathway has been created between us at the roastery, and the farmers producing the coffee. 

We are able to see a complete breakdown of all the cost and where the money goes, from processing and packing, to shipping and duty. Such transparency is hard to find. The importers also help the farmers to develop their practices, buy new equipment and increase the quality of their coffee. 

Cristo Liurai – a powerful cooperative

Organically grown in the wild forests of Timor-Leste, the coffee plants benefit from the shade of the abundant overhanging trees. While this coffee growing region might not be one you’ve heard much about, it’s certainly one to keep an eye on. The Cristo Liurai cooperative has brought smallholder coffee farmers together to share information, knowledge and skills to collectively produce more consistent and higher quality coffee that now easily hits the Speciality Coffee mark. 

Honestly, we weren’t expecting much when we first came across the samples from Timor-Leste, but we’ve been knocked over by the quality, the complexity and the depth of flavour. The combination of the soils, climate and farming practices out there are working to deliver some truly delicious coffees, and this one is a stand out. 

It’s our new Planet Saving Coffee

That means £2 of every bag goes to our charity partner Sea Shepherd, helping them continue their efforts. These guys are all about action, from sinking whaling ships, to destroying processing stations, this group also helps countries to police the seas for illegal fishing practices. 

And it’s tasting amazing

We’re getting big ripe juicy peach from this one, but wrapped in a tea-like quality. Peach iced tea, in that succulent, mouthwatering gotta-brew-another-cup sort of way. It’s tasting insane every which way we brew it, but we’ve been giving the V60 some serious action lately on this one and it always hits the mark. Killer coffee - clean conscience.


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