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bad hand coffee single origin from RwandaThis one’s a firecracker and it’s sure to move fast. Get the skinny on our newest single from Rwanda…

Rwanda is one of our favourite coffee regions. They grow a lot of Bourbon varietal here and whether it’s the quality of the mineral rich red Rwandan soil, or the skills of the local farmers, coffee from this part of the world is easy to get excited about.

So when this washed Red Bourbon varietal from the Gishyita cooperative in western Rwanda came through we all paid attention and took notice. It’s the kind of coffee we wait around for, geek out on, and can’t wait to try it through every single one of our brew methods. From Aeropress to V60 pour over, this one got some serious loving after we did the initial cupping. 

Getting to know the Gishyita cooperative

Coffee grows throughout Rwanda, and smallholders who grow a little bit of coffee organise themselves into collectives, cooperatives where they share services and washing stations to process their coffee. Gishyita processing station was built in 2010. The station never really found it’s feet though and it wasn’t until 2019, under new ownership that it was grown into a cooperative that now processes five containers worth of coffee each season, both natural and washed processed coffees all of an incredibly high grade. 

The new owner, Providence, has introduced a traceability system, and gives off-season training in good agricultural practices  for the farmers who deliver the coffee cherry regularly. 

So how does the coffee taste?

There’s a lot of tropical fruit flavours bouncing around in this one. Think pineapple and papaya, but we’re getting a grilled peach note too. Sticky caramelisation on a hot grill. It’s underpinned with some of that volcanic earthiness too though, and a subtle nuttiness. Sounds a lot right? It is! This coffee is a really complex one, but one that also just hits the goddamn mark every single time. It’s dark and brooding, but light and fruity. It’s serious but fun. Like some kind of perfect amalgamation of Brad Pitt’s finest movie characters. Ok there, I’ve said it. This is the Brad Pitt of coffee. 

bad hand coffee Rwanda single origin


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