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Interview: South Coast Makers Market

SCMM Co-founder Jo shares why it’s more important than ever to keep it local

The South Coast Makers Market team – Jo, Kat and Adam – set up their first event two years ago, and it has been a solid part of the local creative community ever since.

Now a socially distanced monthly event held in the Loading Dock, Bournemouth, South Coast Makers Market is about creativity, connection, discovering independent businesses and having fun. The team’s ever-changing line-up of stalls is a curated collection of products, street food, good causes and craft skills.

One of the Co-founders, Jo, shares a few things she’s learned over these two years of trading, and why it’s more important than ever to keep it local.

Variety is vital

"Independent businesses create the life and soul of a town centre. We need the vision, creativity and individuality of Artists, Makers and independent business owners to keep our world vibrant.

If you would prefer to avoid markets and shops, which is totally understandable, my advice would be to seek out and buy from your favourite makers and small business before going to the supermarkets or Amazon. The new South Coast Makers Curated Directory is a great place to start."

Spend your money in the right places

"This point follows on from my last, but it’s worth repeating. With most events cancelled this year, many of our makers have lost their main income stream. It’s very tough right now and it looks like it’s going to get tougher.

Choosing to spend your money with independents helps small businesses to pay their rent, keep going and ultimately helping your local neighbourhood thrive.

It’s the toughest trading times ever, so every single purchase really does help."

Keeping it local starts at just 30p a week

"The South Coast Makers Market ‘Keep it Local’ card goes beyond the monthly market. This membership card lasts for 12 months, offering all kinds of discounts from the 70+ local businesses that have signed up.

£15 will get you a 12-month membership (working out at just 30p a week) and includes a free South Coast Makers Market tote bag. Once you get the card you can use it to get discounts on unique handmade jewellery, wellbeing vouchers, camper van breaks, hairdressers and even your coffee!"

Everyone has the power to make a difference

"I’m very inspired by the work of Bournemouth’s very own Jane Goodall. Her view is that one person can make a difference and that one person is you.

If every individual focused their energy into just one thing, be it an environmental campaign or educational or whatever, that helps to improve the world locally or globally, the positive impact would be massive on the world."


The Pop-Up Shop, brought to you by the South Coast Makers Market team, You can find us in The Avenue shopping centre, central Bournemouth.



The Keep It Local Card will get you 10% off single bags of coffee via the website or at the market.


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