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Best non-dairy milk for coffee

Best non-dairy milk for coffee

Why we’re switching from oat to pea milk
Sproud non-dairy milk - Bad Hand Coffee

Why we’re switching from oat to pea milk
When it comes to non-dairy milks, there are LOADS of options to choose from. Previously we’d opted for Oatly to use alongside our locally sourced bottles of Meggy Moo’s Dairy milk.

Recently, though, we’ve decided to phase out our stocks of Oatly and switch to Sproud pea milk as a non-dairy option at all our training classes and events.

Okay, why’s this then?
We find most non-dairy milk options have a flavour that overwhelms the coffee. When we found pea milk (which we got as a bit of a joke because it sounded a little weird) we were converted by the way it lets the coffee shine through. It's also allergen free!

What are you using instead?
We're switching solely to Sproud pea milk as our dairy milk alternative.

Lots of people are looking to non-dairy milks as a way to eat/drink in a more planet-friendly way, or because dairy doesn't agree with them. We wanted to find something that offered a great gluten-free option as well as making a tasty coffee.

Sproud - non-dairy milk - Bad Hand Coffee

Riiiight, so what does it taste like? Be honest.
Pretty neutral – not at all like green peas. It's mildly sweet and super creamy, so does a great job of replicating the 'milkiness' of dairy milk.

Does it behave differently to oat milk in drinks?
One of the things people love about oat milks is that you don't have to sacrifice the latte art. Pea milk delivers the same: the barista version especially gives a nice stable consistency and a great micro-foam so you can have your triple rosetta and kick the dairy.

You’re using Sproud, but are there any others you’d recommend?
There are some great British pea milks (and oat milks), but they're either not gluten free, or have too strong a flavour for our tastes.

Okay, I’m convinced. Where can I find this pea milk you speak of?
Our mates up the road, Sunrise Organics have it (both the barista and standard versions), and it's popping up in supermarkets as well.

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