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Our Planet Saving Coffee is back, and this time we’ve partnered up with Sea Shepherd. They’re like sea pirates with purpose. Find out about our initiative (and this exciting Timor coffee) below….

What is Planet Saving Coffee?

If you’re new to our Planet Saving Coffee initiative, let me explain. Every three months we run an awesome coffee where we give £2 of every bag sold to a partnered grass-roots organisation or charity that we believe in. The coffee is a limited run, and ALWAYS super delicious - and this one is an absolute banger! We’ve not been doing it long, but so far we’ve raised over £4000 for our PSC partner charities, and the best bit - you get to drink some of the most exciting coffee in the roastery.

Who Is Sea Shepherd?

We’ve been following these guys for some time and we’re pleased to be backing them through our first Planet Saving Coffee of 2022. Now Sea Shepherd is not your ordinary non-government organisation. With the mission of protecting and conserving the world’s oceans and marine life, this bunch are all about action. With a small fleet of ships, Sea Shepherd combats illegal and unregulated fishing on the front lines - and they’re not afraid to get their hands dirty either. From sinking whaling ships, to destroying processing stations, these guys cut straight to the chase and get things done.

Tell me about the coffee

At a time where there’s a lot of talk about climate responsibility and the steps we should be taking, action counts for a lot. Whether it’s an under-the-radar campaign, or a government partnership to help police their waters, Sea Shepherd get results, and we want to back them hard. 

Ok, tell me about the coffee

Another easy-drinking summery number. This Timor coffee is fruity with a peach iced tea feel to it. If there's one to try on ice, this is it!

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