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The Bad Hand Studio

The Bad Hand Studio

Looking for a cool events space in central Bournemouth? Rent the Bad Hand Studio!

The Bad Hand Studio is a multi-use events space in a converted warehouse in central Bournemouth.
The studio itself is open to anyone who wants to rent it, but the setup is really well suited to yoga, dance, pilates, photography, art or drama workshops. 

The Bad Hand Studio is located on the first floor of the warehouse. Downstairs you'll find a half-covered courtyard area with two toilets, a shower and a sauna. 

The Bad Hand Coffee Roastery is downstairs, as is Green Label Kitchen – a plant-based catering company. Head up the steps next to Green Label Kitchen and you'll find a rooftop terrace with a covered seating area. 

How do I book the Bad Hand Studio?

Contact Nick and have a chat. 

Can I arrange food and drink with my event?

No problem! The Bad Hand Coffee team and Green Label Kitchen crew can help.
Contact Nick  to find out more.


Bad Hand Studio

Green Label Kitchen, the plant-based catering company

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