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SharkStuff X Bad Hand Coffee

SharkStuff X Bad Hand Coffee

New shark charity collaboration for the Bad Hand Planet-Saving Coffee initiative

Bad Hand Coffee SharkStuff

Here at Bad Hand, we're passionate about protecting Earth's oceans and the creatures in it. We also bloody love sharks. It's one of the reasons we wanted to support the UK shark charity, SharkStuff.

Sharks are currently at a risk of extinction. In the past 50 years alone, the number of sharks in open waters has dropped by over 70%. This is mainly due to overfishing.  

The team at SharkStuff are committed to the protection of sharks. They are working hard to save them using scientific research, free talks and education projects within the local community.

The Bad Hand Planet-Saving Coffee initiative is simple: we give £2 from every bag sold to a grass-roots, non-profit organisation doing great work in the community. We choose a different charity every three months :)



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Awesome shark photo by Gerald Schömbs/Unsplash 

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