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Bad Hand Coffee Wilfa Svart Grinder competition

Win a Wilfa Svart Grinder!

We're giving away a Wilfa Svart Grinder (worth £135) to one lucky Bad Hand Coffee subscriber in March

We wanted to say a MASSIVE thanks to all our Bad Hand Coffee subscribers. You lot are bloody brilliant. 

In celebration of your awesomeness, we're giving away a Wilfa Svart Grinder (worth £135) to one lucky Bad Hand Coffee subscriber in March.

Prize draw entries will include any new Bad Hand Coffee subscribers that sign up in March, as well as customers who already have a Bad Hand Coffee subscription.

Wilfa Grinder giveaway: the details

What's the prize?
We're giving away a Wilfa Svart Grinder, worth £135. It has five grinder settings, so you can tweak it to suit your brewing method. 

How do I enter the giveaway?
If you already have an active Bad Hand Coffee subscription, you're already on the list and don't need to do anything else. If you don't have a Bad Hand Coffee subscription, but would like to take part, you can sign up to get one here (before 30 March 2021) and you'll be included on the list.

How will you pick the winner?
The winner will be chosen at random from a numbered list of subscribers. Existing subscribers will be included, as will any new subscribers who sign up before 30 March 2021. 

What if I don't want a grinder?
If you win, but you don't really want the prize, just tell us. You can nominate someone else who might like it or, if you'd prefer, we can pick someone else at random. Unfortunately we can't swap it for another prize.

When will the winner be announced?
We'll announce the winner on 31 March 2021. The prize will be posted out shortly after.

What the heck is a Bad Hand Coffee subscription anyway? Why should I get one?
Bad Hand Coffee subscriptions are an easy way to guarantee tasty coffee will be delivered to your door when you need it most.

All our subscribers get free shipping on every bag. This is a saving of £21 on a 6-bag subscription and a massive saving of £42 on a 12-bag subscription!

Just choose your favourite coffee, bag size, grind and frequency – we'll sort the rest. 

I'm not a subscriber, but I buy coffee regularly and I really like free stuff. 
We hear you. We don't want to play favourites, so we'll be be running another competition – open to everyone – in about a month or so. Watch this space :)


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