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How to make coffee with a Clever Dripper

How to make coffee with a Clever Dripper

5 tips for taking your coffee-brewing skills to the next level

Two things we really like about the Clever Dripper: it's really easy to use and super simple to clean. Basically a new an improved version of a cafetière.

Totally new to the Clever Dripper? We have a step-by-step guide and recipe here

Clever Dripper: 5 tips for taking it to the next level

  • Weigh your coffee and water for more consistent results every time.

  • Use coarsely ground coffee about the size of couscous – fresh is best!

  • Fold the seams of your filter paper to help it sit better in the Clever Dripper.

  • Don’t stir too much – this will cause over extraction and draw out bitter flavours.

  • Use filtered water (from a Brita jug or similar is fine) to help bring more flavour out.

  • Save your spent grounds to make a homemade exfoliator, or give your plants a nitrogen boost!


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