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A new line of limited coffees, like those fancy trainer drops, but without the long lines and camping out outside a shoe shop.

Now we’re up and running on the new bigger Probat roaster, it’s freed more time up for us to develop and test out other roasting profiles on our smaller roaster (That’s right, two roasters. Sounds flashy, eh). 

We use the smaller roaster to work with new and existing blends and single origins, bringing out different flavours through different roasting profiles. A coffee might bring out big jammy blueberry flavours, but roasted slightly differently, could deliver more delicate fruit notes. Both can be great, but we have to settle on just one for the main run. 

That means our equally delicious test batch goes into the kitchen for us to enjoy instead. But we’re experimenting more and more these days, and these test batches are too much for our tight little crew to drink by themselves - and they seriously know how to put it away! 

So we’re releasing our test batches in limited drops to you.

When you order a bag of test batch, you don’t quite know what you’re getting. It could be a bright, juicy single origin from Nicaragua, or a rich, dark chocolatey blend. Whatever it is that’s on Test Batch, it never leaves the warehouse without hitting our high benchmark for quality control. It has to taste damn delicious to get bagged up by us in the first place. Quite often, these test batches are actually brand new coffees that won’t be released for a little while, or super tasty single origins we got in to have a play with, but not enough for a proper run. Either way you look at it, it’s a gamble you always win. 

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