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How to make coffee with an AeroPress

How to make coffee with an AeroPress

6 tips for taking your coffee-brewing skills to the next level

Bad Hand Coffee AeroPress

We're big fans of the AeroPress here at Bad Hand. Not only can you get some great results at home, its innovative design means it's much easier to clean than a cafetière.

New to AeroPress? We have a step-by-step guide and recipe here.

AeroPress: 6 tips for taking it to the next level

Preheat your AeroPress: To keep it warmer for longer

Slow it down: Don't be tempted to push down too fast or hard or you'll make a mess

Sort your positioning: It'll be easier to plunge if you have your elbow directly above the AeroPress as you push down

Ch-check it: Weigh your coffee and water for more consistent results every time

Use fresh coffee: Medium ground, about the size of table salt

Water quality matters: Use filter water (from a Brita jug or similar is fine) to help bring more flavour out


Fun fact: Inventor and engineer Alan Adler (of Aerobie Pro frisbee fame, no less) designed The AeroPress coffee maker in 2005.


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